One-on-One Mental Training


One-on-One Mental Game Training Is The Number One Option To Improve Performance!

This One-on-One Program is ideal for athletes, coaches and parents of all skill levels seeking to uncover issues holding them back from performing optimally.


  • In person* 
  • Via phone 
  • Virtually - Online

*additional fees apply outside the GTA



The GOLD MasterMind Program allows you to work one-on-one with Coach Erfan in Person (GTA) or anywhere around the globe via telephone or video-chat.

The Gold Program offers Three Options:

  1. One-Month - 4 Sessions
  2. Three-Months - 12 Sessions
  3. Six-Months - 24 Sessions

*each session: 45-60 minutes

*contact for pricing & more details


The PLATINUM MasterMind Program is a premium package. This program features a full day, onsite mental game experience with Coach Erfan. Spend a full 8 hour day gaining first hand - in person - knowledge into Mental Game Secrets.

The Platinum Program offers Three Options:

  1. One-Month - *8 Hours onsite + 4 sessions*
  2. Three-Months - *8 Hours onsite + 12 sessions*
  3. Six-Months - *8 Hours onsite + 24 sessions*

*split 8 hour day into 2 days (4 hours + 4 hours)

*sessions will follow-up after onsite coaching

*each session: 45-60 minutes

*contact for pricing & more details

Athletes Do Not Develop Basketball Skills Over Night. Training The Mind Is No Different, It Takes Time & Effort!

Therefore, We Provide Proven Mental Strategies To Best Benefit The Athlete!

Mental Training Program for Teams/Groups

Basketball Psychology Training Seminars are designed to improve your athletes':

  • confidence
  • focus/concentration
  • composure
  • cohesion
  • team performance

Seminars are available live in person or virtually on-line

For Local Teams or Groups inside the Greater Toronto Area

Training Starts at $275.

For Teams or Groups Outside the Greater Toronto Area

Contact us for pricing and details.

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