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Encouraging young players to strive in sports may be a difficult task when they feel pressured. Although parents' intentions are not to destroy a player's confidence, too often this is the case. 

The stress of not living up to a parent's expectations is the leading cause of kids quitting their sport. 

When joy and love which first drove them to play is replaced by pressure, expectations, dissappointment, anger, fear, doubt, anxiety, etc. they lose motivation, confidence and passion for the game.

As a parent you naturally want your kids to excel in sports and life, not restrict them. By understanding the pressures your young athlete faces we can help boost their confidence while developing the appropriate mental skills to carry them forward. 

One-on-One Sports Psychology Coaching For Parents

Working With A Mental Game Coach, Parents Can Learn:

  • What is causing fears, doubts, anxiety, tension & other mental barriers in their child.
  • How talks and the actions they take can destroy their kid's confidence.
  • How to inspire their child to play their best without pressuring them.
  • To help their athletes by saying and doing the right things before and after competitions.
  • To help their child develop the mental tools to strive in sports and life.

One-on-One Basketball Psychology Coaching is the Most Effective Program to Improve Confidence, Enhance Performance and Develop Your Young Athlete's Mental Game to Overcome Any Obstacle Standing in Their Way!

Sports Psychology for Kids

A Mental Game Basketball Coach Can Help Your Young Athlete:

  • Let go of mistakes without dwelling on past errors.
  • Develop sharp focus when distracted.
  • Transfer Practice confidence into Game Time Confidence.
  • Manage emotions when fear, anxiety, anger & frustrations arise.
  • Play calm, relaxed & composed.
  • Learn to not worry about how others percieve them.
  • Increase self-worth/self-esteem.
  • Overcome doubts & negative self-talk

 And Much More...

Playing with fear, to lose, to not make mistakes, scared to look silly in front of friends and family are major issues for today's young athletes. These issues are all Mental Blocks restricting athletes from playing freely, relaxed and confident. 

You encourage your young athlete to develop his/her physical skills but neglecting to strengthen their mind will only restrict their performance. 

When body and mind are fundamentally developed, your young athlete is prepared to deliver a masterpiece in athletics and in life.  

Does your young superstar have the psychological skills necassary to perform well in competition?

A weakness is only a skill not yet learned. Give yourself and your kid the tools to break free of mental barriers.

MasterMind Basketball Coaching is prepared to guide parents seeking to help their kids' excel, overcome mental barriers and play Fearlessly with Confidence!


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